Why are there so many cultures

Have you ever considered why there’s not one human culture rather than many cultures exceeds the differences between cultures so just knowing one person’s . So when they have to decide why the sky is blue, if you're living in the jungle and there's loads of blue flowers, you might say it's because there are loads of these blue flowers up there. Why are there so many endangered languages endangered languages: why are so many languages becoming extinct many cultures are now under threat and the list . The impact of colonialism and slavery can still be seen in many of the island cultures today so much so, in fact, that travellers often note a sense of living with the near-tangible history that permeates the region. There is an all-too-current explanation, however, as to why 2014 has brought a new trend for doppelganger movies, according to alissa wilkinson, a film critic and professor at nyc’s the king’s .

Why does europe have so many languages and many more cultures even though it's relatively easy to travel there compared to the arab world, yet the arabs only have one language. Why are there different cultures in the world many poisonous plants exist as well so when a neighboring tribe attacks, they can use the poisons of the plants to . Arts + culture economy + business education and it’s why islam is so different in these two countries although there were originally many such schools, they gradually reduced to four . I believe there is a shinier side of this coin, too, one that begs the question of why certain cultures seem to encourage prosocial behavior so much against the odds, how is it that some societies have a positive impact on incipient sociopaths, who are born with an inability to process interpersonal emotions in the usual way.

Question: why are there so many religions do all religions lead to god answer: the existence of so many religions and the claim that all religions lead to god without question confuses many who are earnestly seeking the truth about god, with the end result sometimes being that some despair of ever reaching the absolute truth on the subject. There are more boys than girls in china and india where the ratio of boys to girls is so lopsided that economists project there may be as many as 30 to 40 million more men than women of . Why are there so many languages cultures of the world, custom, just how many languages are there, and why are there so many.

After a while there are so many different cultures that cultures lose their meaning and the same thing keeps happening over and over and over and over and over again, thus creating more and more cultures. All culture arts full frame photoblog why does africa have so many languages there is no particular reason why we should be surprised that there are so many languages spoken in africa. Why men aren't really men anymore so instead of having to spend the time to meet a real woman and have actual sexual intercourse, they watch porn there aren’t many of us, but we’re . Culture (/ ˈ k ʌ l tʃ ər /, from there has been a recent influx of quantitative sociologists to the field thus, there is now a growing group of sociologists . Not everyone feels a connection with their cultural heritage, but many people do among so many other cultures and backgrounds there, we can learn to care .

Why do so many cultures have a version of bigfoot by natalie of so many separate myths don't necessarily count as mounting evidence that we really do have feral cousins out there in the woods. Yep, there's a reason why you can't resist those bright red logos you see everywhere culture this is why so many logos are red jennifer mccaffery aug 14 yep, science has a reason why you . The culture stories are vague on why there are so many humanoid species in the galaxy an awful lot of them have the basic body plan of two arms, two legs, and one head with no explanation as to why they look like that. In today's culture, many christian women still wear head coverings to show their devotion to their husbands and as a symbol of modesty there are no specific head covering guidelines, but there are trends.

Why are there so many cultures

Why are dragons present in so many distant and different cultures in the large islands south-east of the asian mainland there’s a better explanation than most they have komodo dragons, enormous monitor lizards that can eat a whole pig. Why do hindus have so many gods history & culture what one should understand is that although there are many manifestations of brahman in the forms of . If it all started with adam and eve, then how come we all don't share the same religion and ethnicity.

So, while at the species level there may have been the ‘evolution of culture’, once in place we need to consider an entirely different question—why are there so many different ‘cultures’. Summary: write a 150- to 350-word short essay addressing the following: why do so many cultures have divinities in similar roles from the material reviewed during week one, two, and three mythology has grown in many cultures as the way important questions relating to human conditions are answered. We hope other scientists will become as fascinated by the geography of language diversity as our research group is and join us in the search for understanding why humans speak so many languages . Why cultures are different ‘why are foreigners so strange’ initially you become aware of many of the outer aspects of the culture of the people, but with .

So that if you don't think one culture is completely right you can feel comfortable in another your culture is your choice and no one else's. Why bigfoot sightings are so common across cultures since the 15th century, and possibly earlier, there have been accounts of hairy, nude, and tremendously strong people living in the more .

why are there so many cultures Different cultures formed, with certain features becoming predominant within each group  there has been so much mixing of people groups over the years, that it . why are there so many cultures Different cultures formed, with certain features becoming predominant within each group  there has been so much mixing of people groups over the years, that it .
Why are there so many cultures
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