A discussion on whether cheerleading is a sport

Cheerleading is a sport because you compete against other squads and you also get judged and you have to work you`re butt off and you also sweat like crazy, and that is what a sport is i have been a cheerleader for 5 years now and cheer leading is 100% a sport. Is cheerleading a sport the questions has generated much discussion and raised plenty of controversy between those who see the high-flying and intricate routines as a sport and others who see it as . Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place want to add to the discussion post a comment the us does not recognise cheerleading as a sport as . Whether or not cheerleading is a real sport is a question that may never be settled although there are good reasons to consider it a sport and it certainly meets some accepted criteria of being a sport, there are many who will never consider it more than an after-school club. Jeff webb’s company, varsity, first began running cheerleading competitions in 1980 some 37 years later, cheerleading has gained provisional status from the international olympic committee with the hope that the sport could become part of the olympic games in the future this week’s world .

Cheerleading as a sport february 17, 2010 before you determine whether cheerleading is a sport or not find a local cheerleading competition or look out for the next espn broadcast of the . There are many activities that are commonly debated whether they are sports, such as fishing, dancing, cheerleading, golf, equestrian, motorsports, pole dancing based on the above criteria, are these sports. Any discussion of cheerleading is juxtaposed nicely with the recently completed summer games in london does it even matter any more whether cheerleading is deemed a sport in the forum of .

I agree cheerleading is a sport, but if you are going to go on with a debate agreeing it is, saying it’s a sport because you have injuries is not proving it is a sport to go deeper instead say cheerleading is a sport because both men, and woman join as a team or individual compete against a squad or an other individual. - cheerleading is not a sport according to joe hatton, the author of the article, “sports beat - the sport of cheerleading: it’s more than just pompoms and smiles,” cheerleading is a sport because it requires strength, balance, and coordination. Cheerleading is a sport mag by renee r, arlington heights, il the new york times states that cheerleading is the fastest growing girls’ sport, yet more than half of americans do not believe it . Cheerleading is a sport because it involves physical exercise, it is a competition, rules govern it, and it acknowledges the primary purpose of comparing skills of the participants the above-explained facts can silence all the debates that arise to prove that cheerleading is not a sport. According to the website dictoinarycom, the word sport is defined as “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature,” but to marla jo fisher, staff writer for the mom blog and author of the article “cheerleading is not a sport,” cheerleading does .

But whether cheerleading is a sport isn’t so much the issue here as is the fact that the university has had a history of “cheating” title ix regulations to favor their men’s sports teams:. This would make some types of cheerleading a sport, but not others on the other hand, some say that because cheerleading is an athletic activity that requires physical strength and skill, it is a sport regardless of whether there is any actual competing. There are many different opinions whether cheerleading should be considered as a sport or not for example jeff webb said that competitive cheerleading is as much a sport as chess cheerleading coach terry jones has said that t his is a multi-million dollar year round sport, not girls wearing short skirts and smiling . This has been a constant debate, whether cheerleading is a sport or not there is very valid evidence for both sides of the argument cheerleaders are commonly seen on the sidelines at football . As cheerleading gains in popularity, the controversy rages on about whether it's a sport or not there are rarely any questions about the athleticism of cheerleaders, so are cheerleaders athletes without a real sport.

Somehow we're still talking about whether cheerleading is a sport or not many don't seem convinced yet, including one federal appeals court which ruled in 2012 that colleges can't claim that . Persuasive essay: cheerleading is a sport 1820 words dec 1st, 2011 8 pages cheerleading started as a male endeavor in 1898, when a university of minnesota football fan led the crowd in verse in support of their team. Every cheerleader gets fired up when someone sparks the “is cheerleading a sport” debate whether it’s a football player in one of your classes, a teacher who talks down about cheerleading, or a friend who doesn’t understand why you’re not involved in something else “more athletic,” you want people to know that cheerleaders are athletes. Cheerleading is not a sport usually when we say that, we get angry looks from girls who yell at us and say “that’s not right do you know how hard those girls work” or it’s some other bogus reason that has nothing to do with whether or not cheerleading really is a sport well now it seems .

A discussion on whether cheerleading is a sport

Cheerleading focus whether or not cheerleading is a sport, there is no question that cheerleaders are athletes get an email notification whenever someone . The argument whether cheerleading should be granted sport status is one that has escalated into a fierce debate over the past year in july, the university of maryland became the first division i . Students examine how women are perceived in society by preparing for, then debating, whether or not cheerleading should be considered a sport in order to prepare for a well-informed debate .

Why don’t more people consider competitive cheerleading a sport which is one of the main criteria that determines whether an athletic activity is a sport and yet, as the great white sharks . The controversial sport of cheerleading nikki johnson cheerleading is just one of those activities, which cause many controversial upheavals whether it is the outfits they are wearing or the moves they are doing, there is always a problem it seems like.

Is cheerleading a sport it’s a long-debated argument that doesn’t have an end in near sight countless conversations happen online and in person discussing whether our favorite “activity” is worthy of sports status. For many years there has been an argument over whether cheerleading is a sport many people consider cheerleading to be an “activity” and not a sport not many people understand the struggle . This is cheerleading a sport worksheet is suitable for 7th - 10th grade looking for a rainy day activity an article from the new york times provides a nice topic for discussion.

a discussion on whether cheerleading is a sport Why cheerleading should be a sport what comes to mind when you think about cheerleading establishing the need: what is the problem people don't know. a discussion on whether cheerleading is a sport Why cheerleading should be a sport what comes to mind when you think about cheerleading establishing the need: what is the problem people don't know.
A discussion on whether cheerleading is a sport
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